Vicente Torres


Vicente is not a very conventional guy, he is currently the Head of Public Affairs at Urbvan, before that he was the Global Head of Mobility Policies at Grow/Grin, and before that Managing Director for Latin America at PTV GROUP, and other things (Vicente is getting old…)… and so much of his professional career has been dedicated to the promotion of new technologies as a tool to achieve a more human mobility, more accessible cities and a better quality of life for their inhabitants.

But Vicente is not a political scientist, nor an expert in public relations, Vicente is an Engineer and Urban Planner but one of those rare ones, one of those who like to talk and share his experiences, that is why he has had the opportunity to work always on things that might seem complex from the outside, and have the pleasure to explain them in a simple way for everyone else; maybe that is why he always ends up being “the explainer” of the situations and an individual who helps to link possibilities with needs.

Vicente is also a strategic advisor, creator of synergies and a problem solver who defines himself as a mobility activist, a technology enthusiast (kind of a geek), an admirer of human intelligence in all its forms. He really enjoys working with talented, clear-minded, and fun people.

Presentation: Workilometers on LATAM and how shared mobility is rocking their lives. A story to tell