Shared Space Oddity

Circularium: Black Box

17:00 – 17:30

You remember David Bowie and Space Oddity? Remember 2001: A Space Odyssey? That was us humans going to space. But of course, it also works the other way around. There’s some real oddity in the way we humans use our (urban) space. To find out more, come follow the experience of two extra-terrestrial visitors visiting a few different spots on Earth.


Ytilibom and Ecaps are curious aliens (and – naturally – space experts) from a distant star called Rock in the Funkyplanet Galaxy. Their mission is to explore other galaxies and gather insights from other planets and they have a particular interest in understanding how people on Earth manage space. They’ve scheduled a landing at Shared Mobility Rocks to learn from others and to share their travel experience and insights.

Hana Peters is an urban mobility specialist at Rupprecht Consult. Her focus areas include policy development, data, co-creation, active mobility, and the allocation of urban space. She is experienced in designing online and onsite activities for capacity building and exchange, and occasionally serves as a guide for extraterrestrial life forms interested in the mobility situation on Earth.