About the SHARE-North project

SHARE-North is an EU-funded Interreg North Sea Region project comprising of shared mobility experts from the public and private sectors, NGOs and research field who are experienced in deploying innovative shared mobility solutions in a variety of settings. 

The six and a half year project (January 2016-June 2022) includes activities for developing, implementing, promoting and assessing car sharing, bike sharing, ride sharing and other forms of shared mobility in urban and rural areas and employment clusters across Europe’s North Sea Region. 

The objectives of the project have been diverse: resource efficiency, improving accessibility (incl. non-traditional target groups), increased efficiency in the use of transport infrastructure, reduction of space consumption for transport, improving quality of life and low carbon transport. The partnership stands for transnational cooperation, which is necessary for creating political support, and represents a high level of innovation as shared mobility is not yet widely employed as a part of integrated transport strategies.

A Planner’s Guide to the Shared Mobility Galaxy

Together, the SHARE-North consortium has created a guide specifically for planners and municipal decision makers to make the galaxy of shared mobility a bit easier to understand! In the over 250-page book, we cover all the basics of shared mobility – from the different forms and definitions to the impacts and potentials of carsharing, ridesharing, bikesharing, Mobility as a Service, mobility hubs and more! Detailed examples of shared mobility projects in cities and rural areas provide you with ideas, crucial factors for success and valuable lessons learned. From users, to providers, to policy makers, this book will help you build a solid framework of shared mobility knowledge. 

The English version of The Guide is already available here. The book will also be available in the Dutch, German, Norwegian and Swedish languages later this year.

Want to know more?

You can learn more about the Project’s other activities and download free resources on shared mobility including the recordings of the Project’s webinar series on “How to Make Shared Mobility Rock”, various publications as well as the iconic shared mobility pictogrammes here:

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