session 9

03:00 – 04:30 UTC | 10:00 – 11:30 ICT (local time) – March 4


Shared-mobility in Multimodal Interchange Hubs in the ASEAN region

This session will explain how shared-mobility initiatives are connected with multimodal interchange hubs. Representatives from the private and public sector will present their shared-mobility solutions, explaining how it relates to multimodal interchange hubs, how their systems work and what were the challenges of their implementation.

  • Introduction of the SMMR project and ASEAN region (15 min.)
  • GO2 Ride (e-moped sharing system)  by Oyika in Phnom Penh (20 min.)
  • Bike-sharing system by QIQ in Hoi An (15 min.)
  • Cyclos (Three-wheel bicyle ride-hailing system) in Phnom Penh (15 min.)
  • Electric Jeepneys in the Phillippines (15 min.)
  • Panel discussion (30 min.)
  • Carl Wong – President of Oyika (SG)
  • Anh Ngan Tran – CEO at QIQ (VN)
  • Tran Kieu Thanh Ha – Livable Cities Project Manager at Healthbridge (VN)
  • Elmer Francisco – Founder of Elmer Francisco Industries (PH)
  • Patricia Mariano – Advisor and Project Manager at GIZ TRANSfer ||| in the Philippines

Don’t run away after this session. During the 30′ intermezzo before going to Tokyo, we will also jam with Iris Wang (TW), the co-editor/author of Sharing Cities 2020.

Download the programme of Cambodia

A session led by SMMR project, GFA Consulting group & GIZ


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