19:00 – 20:30 UTC | 13:00 – 14:30 CST (local time) – March 3


Innovative Approaches to Micro Mobility

In this session, representative from cities, transit agencies, and the Shared-Use Mobility Center will discuss innovative cases of Micromobility as part of a Shared Mobility Environment, and successful projects Integrating Micromobility to Transit in the United States, as well as presenting an interactive demonstration of the Micromobility Policy Atlas (developed by SUMC, NUMO and WRI).

  • Karina Ricks – Director of the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure at the City of Pittsburgh, PA (US)
  • Stephen Rijo – Senior City Planner at the City of Denver, CO (US)
  • Chad Ballentine – Vice President, Demand Response and Innovative Mobility at Capital Metro (US)
  • David Johnson – Vice president at KCATA (US)
  • Colin Murphy (Moderator) – Director of Research and Consulting at SUMC (US)

Download the programme for USA (CST)

A session led by the Shared-Used Mobility Center (SUMC)

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