Session 3

March 3


The latest evidence for the impacts of shared mobility

In this session we will focus on the how we help to encourage committment to and investment in shared mobility by having strong evidence for its benefits. The results of brand new research launched. CoMoUK will share the latest bike share report, give a sneak preview of the forth coming car sharing annual survey report and give a flavour of the early learnings from the UK escooter trials. We will then ask a panel of experts to discuss the current position of data sharing and available evidence. We willl ask what is working well, what needs improving and what is missing completely.

Stay tuned after the session. During the rocking intermezzo after this session, we will have a short interview with Shared Mobility Rock star , Sandra Phillips (Ca), Shared Mobility Architect at movmi.

A session led by CoMoUK

“Hier komt een citaat over het thema.”