session 12


SUMP of Lviv. Urban transformation

Welcome to Lviv! We plan to have a mixed format with live sessions and videos. First up is a short presentation on what is happening with SUMP in Lviv. Then we’ll present videos on the following topics:

  • Chronicles of mobility in Lviv (Chaplinksy VLOG)
  • Sowiet street planning vs new urban planning (Bilyy VLOG): from road to street design.
  • What does the ideal city look like? (Bilyy VLOG)
  • Green Line: connection for active mobility & principles of sustainable mobility.

Our speakers will give a short feedback in between the videos.

We will end with a presentation: “The current Mobility Hubs plans in Lviv” with Q+A

  • Andriy Bilyy – Transport & Mobility Manager at Lviv City Council (UA)
  • Orest Oleskiv – Head of the transport office at Lviv City Council (UA)
  • Pavlo Syrvatka – Head of investment projects department atMunicipal Enterprise Lvivavtodor (UA)
  • Lena Stiller – Transport Policy Advisor at GIZ (DE)
  • Marta Pastukh – Coordinator of projects in Lviv: Integrated urban development & TUMIVolt at GIZ (UA)

Don’t run away after this session. The session will be followed by “Final beats with Rebecca Karbaumer (shared mobility coordinator, City of Bremen), Luana Bidasca (policy officer, EU DG Move) and Mohamed Mezghani (secretary general UITP)”

Download the programme for Ukraine (EET)

A session led by TUMIVolt, GIZ and Lviv City Council

“Hier komt een citaat over het thema.”