session 10

05:00 – 06:30 UTC | 14:00 – 15:30 JST (local time) – March 4


On-demand shared mobility in the land of the rising MaaS

Home of the largest cities on the planet and natural rural environments, Japan’s mobility is under a quick transformation. Selected representatives from the public and private mobility sector will introduce user cases on the on-demand mobility services in both crowded megacities and rural transport deserts alike. Join us to learn more about how on-demand mobility in Japan is being developed focusing on the underserved and their integration with railway operators.

  • Azarel Chamorro (moderator) – Advisor in MaaS at Cities Forum and Smart Mobility Implementation Lead at Mirai Share
  • Takahara Koichiro –
  • Kanaya So – Odakyu Electric Railways
  • Noda Itsuki – Mirai Share and AIST 
  • Tugsu Chinbat – Yokohama National University and Asian Development Bank

Don’t run away after this session. During the 30′ intermezzo before going to Kampala, we have the honour to  jam with Nagumo Takehiko, Executive Director at Smart City Institute Japan, and Oishi Shikibu, Senior Advisor for Trade Policy and Economics at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Tokyo

A session led by Cities Forum & Mirai Share


“Hier komt een citaat over het thema.”