The impact session

Which impact does shared mobility have on reducing car use and car ownership? Which impacts does it have on overall sustainability, accessibility and liveability? That is exactly the question Minze Walvius (Advier) will ask Joan Estrada (Bax & Company), Selina Schneider (Bundesverband CarSharing e. V.), Michael Johansson (Lund University, Sweden) and Max Kluge (sigo).

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Michael Johansson

Lund University | Space Wars – Return of the Shared Mobility. About strategies to overcome over-consumption of urban space in new housing developments.

Selina Schneider

Bundesverband CarSharing e.V. | Carsharing in Germany - current status and prospective development in terms of the global climate objective

Joan Estrada

Bax & Company | From 4 to 2 wheels: the impact of e-scooters on car reduction and behaviour change in Norfolk, UK

Max Kluge

sigo GmbH | The Next Generation of Cargobike Sharing – The Importance of Housing for Shared Mobility