Opening Act

Circularium: Main Stage

13:15 – 14:05

Join us on a journey of insights and inspiration as Hassan Al Hilou takes the stage alongside Karen de Sousa Pesse in their compelling session, “Embracing Diversity in the World of Shared Transport.”

While Karen shares her insights on ‘why women are underrepresented in de mobility world’, Hassan will talk about ‘why the users of shared mobility don’t represent the diversity of society?’


About Karen de Sousa Pesse

Karen de Sousa Pesse is a Latin-American Executive at Salesforce, based in Brussels. Brazilian born-and-raised, Karen is a nanotechnology and material science engineer who lived, studied and worked in several countries across America, Europe and Asia. She is working on key trends shaping the public sector, supporting governments and institutions in their Digital Transformation. As a public speaker and female business leader in Europe, Karen has a strong personal interest in shining a light on topics such as bias in Artificial Intelligence, and the importance of gender perspectives in technology. She is very often seen speaking about AI, Machine Learning, and how we can use technology for good, but need to be aware of its pitfalls.

About Hassan Al Hilou

Hassan Al Hilou, the founder of CAPITAL, is a leading figure in Europe and is known for his strong commitment to the development of young people and their talents. He has proven himself as an entrepreneur, advisor and an inspirational speaker in the field of diversity and inclusion (D&I), social innovation and entrepreneurship.