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Apply for a presentation, jam session, pitch or poster session.

Fill in the call for performers before January 28th, 2022.

Do you want to be part of the programme?

There are different possibilities for you:

  • A presentation: you can apply for a presentation in one of the English or German sessions. You can find the different thematic sessions in the application form. Hopefully, your idea fits one of the sessions.
  • A jam session: Oh, you want to organise a session yourself? Great! Tell us more about it in the application form. A jam session covers 1,5 hours. Don’t forget to tell us how you want to involve the audience.
  • A pitch: 1 minute can be enough to make your point and get the crowd with you. We invite you to share your idea with us!
  • A poster: Do you have a poster from your shared mobility project, service or research? You can bring it with you and show how you are changing the world.

There’s only one application form, so scroll through the document to find the appropriate format for you. And yes, it’s OK to apply more than once!

The sessions

  • The Mobility Hubs session (English)
  • Creating Transport Policies that Rock: Shared Mobility Action Plans and SUMPS (English)
  • Avoiding the Highway to Hell: (Shared) Mobility Management for Businesses and Employees (English)
  • Creating Shared Mobility Buzz among different Stakeholders (English)
  • Shared Mobility Künstler finden, die nach den Regeln spielen: Den richtigen Rechtsrahmen für geteilte Mobilität schaffen und nutzen (Deutsch)
  • Mobilitätsstationen für jede Lage – vom Dorf bis zur Großmetropole (Deutsch)
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