About Rock around the clock

 The third and special Covid-19 edition of this unconventional symposium takes place all over the world on March 3 & 4, 2021 and will be a 24h marathon edition

During 24 hours Autodelen.net and Mpact will lock themselves up in a Belgian studio. From there we will virtually travel across the globe. We start in Ghent and then go to Brussels, Leeds, Lima, Chicago, Melbourne, Phnom Penh, Tokyo, Kampala and out last stop will be Lviv. 

About the mission of Shared Mobility Rocks

Autodelen.net and Mpact both want to make transport more accessible and sustainable and contribute to more liveable cities and regions. We believe shared mobility can have an important contribution to this! By organising Shared Mobility Rocks, we believe that we can inspire, learn and have an impact on many places all over the world.

We look at shared mobility in relation to other transport modes and pay attention to the digital and physical connectivity. During several sessions we will give special attention to the way mobihubs and the integration of shared mobility in urban planning can make cities and municipalities flourish to meet the needs of their dwellers, businesses and visitors. 

The DNA of Shared Mobility Rocks is made out of 3 key elements:

  • High-level speakers from different backgrounds
  • Rocking vibes
  • Mission-driven

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About Autodelen.net & Taxistop

Autodelen.net is the Flemish Carsharing network. The main goal is to maximise the ecological, social and economic benefits from car sharing through:creating awareness for the concept, policy making on local, regional an (inter)national level, working on general interests of car sharing providers and starting innovations and pilots to make shared mobility mainstream.

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Mpact has been a shared mobility pioneer since 1975. Mpact strives for more efficient mobility by connecting shared mobility to other sustainable transport modes. Mpact develops concrete innovative solutions and creates public and political awareness. 

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