SESSION Shared mobility connected with other transport modes

PRESENTATION Mobility Points as physical expression of MaaS

Vincent Neumayer (Vienna, Austria) holds both degrees in natural resource management and urban & regional planning. After having gained five years of experience in international consulting in spatial-, transport- and mobility planning at Vienna University of Technology and Urban Innovation Vienna (formerly known as TINA Vienna), since 2017 he supports Vienna public utilities and in particular Wiener Linien (Vienna Public Transport) in developing innovative, multimodal products and services.

He will present about physical hubs in Vienna, since the global discussion about Mobility as a Service (MaaS) mostly focuses on the digital integration of mobility services into one integrating entity. Still, in many cities and towns there is no critical mass of services to be integrated besides public transport. And if there are, usually commercial mobility services focus on dense core areas, in order to meet their Business case objectives. Mobility Points (MP) are one kind of product/service which offer private and public mobility services to cover “average” urban areas in terms of population density, socio-economic composition and affinity to new mobility services. MP support private businesses in offering their services and public authorities in shaping public space in an organized manner. Additionally it brings clarity for the customer by offering all mobility offers at hand in one physical place.

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