SESSION Hoe combimobiliteit realiseren via gedeelde mobiliteit?

PRESENTATION (e-)bike sharing for transport region’s

Also Lab host: “Interactieve sessie kwaliteitskader gedeelde mobiliteit in Vlaanderen

Sven Huysmans (Antwerp, België)  is a senior expert in urban public transport systems, innovative mobility concepts and services. He has over ten years of experience in the mobility world, where he did both strategic and operational projects. Sven is currently working on the mobility-marketplace at SnA (Smart ways to Antwerp), the mobility vison for the Antwerp transport region and on micromobility-policy for the city’s of Antwerp, Leuven, and the Polis network. 

Sven will give a brief introduction in how transport regions can organise (e-)bikesharing. His case is transport region Antwerp.

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