The EU GECKO project is working on the governance of new mobility solutions. New mobility solutions may have benefits for cities, but they may also bring disadvantages. How are cities dealing today with e-scooter services or dockless bike-sharing? With representation from industry, cities and users, we will exchange concrete examples and present the GECKO research project. This session won’t only give answers but also start a real debate.

Bonnie Fenton

Bonnie Fenton (Cologne, Germany)  is a researcher and educator specialising in sustainable urban mobility. Bonnie works at Rupprecht Consult in Cologne, Germany and currently coordinates the stakeholder engagement activities in the EU GECKO project. READ MORE

Evelien Marlier

Evelien Marlier (Ghent, Belgium) works for the European Passenger Federation on the user perspective of technology in transport. READ MORE

Michael Glotz-Richter

Michael Glotz-Richter (Bremen, Germany) is Senior Project Manager for Sustainable Mobility at the City of Bremen. Since 2005, he has been expert reviewer for research projects of autonomous transport. READ MORE

And also: Marius Macku, Urbane.EU

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