Welcome in the year 2030. How old are you right now? This session doesn’t have a specific theme. We invite experts to share a dream with you on how shared mobility would or could be in 2030. Each performer will present a shared mobility dream from a very specific perspective.
This session will be moderated by Antonia Roberts from COMO-UK.

Judit Batayé

Judit Batayé (Barcelona) has spent more than 20 years working in public services, especially in the mobility sector, and has international experience launching transport networks. READ MORE

Antonia Roberts

Antonia Roberts (Leeds, United Kingdom) is Deputy Chief Executive at CoMoUK the charity supporting the development of shared mobility services. READ MORE

Joeri Thijs

Joeri Thijs (Ghent, Belgium) works for Greenpeace since 2003. He is spokesperson for the organisation, and also expert on climate and mobility. READ MORE

“Hier komt een citaat over het thema.”