Let’s make shared mobility more inclusive

In this session we will share concrete examples of good practices where shared mobility services are reaching non-traditional target groups. We will also invite experts to share their opinion on how we can bring shared mobility to target groups with different cultural backgrounds, gender, disabilities etc. In this session we will work with presentations and interaction between the users and the audience. We will work together with experts from Horizon 2020 projects: HiReach and Inclusion.


Antonia ROBERTS_Bike Share CoMoUK

Fadiah ACHMADI_Shared Mobility in the Middle East

Marcio DESLANDES_Inclusive Urban Space

Due to the size of the presentation, Carolina’s presentation could not be uploaded. The presentation can be found with the following URL:
Carolina MOJICA SEGOVIA_Women of color and their daily mobility problems

Carolina Mojica Segovia

Carolina Mojica Segovia (Mexico city, Mexico) works for ella vzw, a non-profit organization in Brussels committed to the empowerment and emancipation of ethnic minority women and girls in Belgium (Flanders and Brussels). READ MORE

Marcio Deslandes

Marcio Deslandes (Brussels, Belgium) is Global Policies Director at European Cyclists' Federation.. READ MORE

Antonia Roberts

Antonia Roberts (Leeds, United Kingdom) is Deputy Chief Executive at CoMoUK the charity supporting the development of shared mobility services. READ MORE

Fadiah Achmadi

Fadiah Achmadi (Den Haag, The Netherlands) is the Founder of Fimotions. She is an enthusiastic consultant who has a deep passion for sustainable urban mobility. READ MORE

Els Van den broeck

Els Van Den Broeck (Leefdaal, Belgium) works since 2012 for Mobiel 21, an Leuven-based organisation for sustainable mobility. Making mobility more inclusive for all is the key-driver throughout her European and Belgian projects. READ MORE

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