Project Description

SMR19, it was a blast!

The 8th of October, and Taxistop organized the international symposium Shared Mobility Rocks in the Brussels Event Brewery.  This characteristic location gave the perfect look and feel to the second edition of this rocking event. The concept stayed the same, but this year we did it even bigger. More than 50 (!) mobility experts shared their insights and passion with the 300 visitors. Many people joined from our very own Belgium. But they also came from the Netherlands, Germany, France and beyond.

Angelo (Taxistop) and Jeffrey ( kicked off the day with a little (Shared Mobility) Rock(s) quiz. For a right answer you could win some Shared Mobility Socks, the absolute must-have for every shared mobility fan. After their intro we welcomed our keynote speakers Philippe Crist (ITF, Paris) and Max Schwitalla (Studio Schwitalla, Berlin) to the stage. Philippe Crist advises cities to prepare for the mobility of tomorrow with special attention to the ‘value of the curb’ and algorithms for livable cities. Max Schwitalla talked about the ‘Flywheel’ concept and Micro Mobility neighborhoods.

After a 10 minute energizer with beatboxer Primitiv, the crowd was completely warmed up and ready for the rest of the sessions. The visitors could attend interesting jam sessions and interactive labs in Dutch, French or English about a whole range of mobility-related topics: the opportunities of micromobility as a proper means of transportation, how to incorporate shared mobility in new construction projects and cities, office buses and other traffic-jams-defying commuting options, rules and regulations, solutions for rural mobility demands, new technological developments, how to be more inclusive and create better access to several mobility options, the possibilities of autonomous driving, exchanging cases from each other’s countries, and sessions about Mobility-as-a-Service and Mobihubs.

During the plenary outros we gave to stage to some colourful suprising presentations. Marjan Knippenberg (the Netherlands)  presented her book ‘Six minutes to happiness’ in which she shares her hitchhiking experiences to work.  Michael Johansson (Sweden)  highlighted during his presentation ‘Space Wars’ the overall strategies to reduce space consumption for car usage. The closing presentation came from the power trio Caroline Cerfontaine (Belgium), Ananda Groag (the Netherlands) and Rebecca Karbaumer (Germany), who took some time to reflect about our own (bad) transport habits. Because if we are being honest, do we always practice what we preach?

What a day! But it was not over yet… Time for the rocking afterparty with band, fingerfood and open bar. In the Press Zone people could give an interview or pose in front of our photo wall. When people headed home they received a special Shared Mobility Rocks T-shirt to remember the symposium by. Hell yeah!

This was Shared Mobility rocks 2019. We had a blast and we hope you did too. Special thanks to all our performers and everyone who rocked with us.

See you next time, whenever and wherever that may be!