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Mobihub Student Challenge

What does the mobihub of the future look like? We want to hear it from YOU!

What is a mobihub?

A mobihub is a recognizable transport hub where different sustainable and shared transport modes (public transport, bikesharing, carsharing…) are linked with each other. This can be complemented by other services such as a bicycle pump, parcel lockers, green space… Mobihubs are designed to enable and promote multimodal transport. They facilitate the shift away from a mobility system based on car dependency towards better air quality, more public space and less transport poverty.

What is the challenge about?

How do we make the mobihub of the future attractive, accessible, safe, (socially, ecologically and economically) sustainable and able to thrive within a (post-)corona reality? Can a mobihub be more than just functional? What innovative business models can make mobihubs flourish? How can neighbours participate in the creation of their mobihub? Could coworking places be included? And how can mobihubs foster social cohesion? We challenge students from the Belgian universities and colleges to answer these questions, at least partially! 

The Mobihub Student Challenge is multidisciplinary: students from different fields of study can participate. They can focus on infrastructure, communication, product design, participation, user experience, accessibility, urban planning … The methodology used also depends on their field of study: surveys, interviews, design …

Who’s asking?

Taxistop, a shared mobility pioneer since 1975.Taxistop strives for more efficient mobility by connecting shared mobility to other sustainable transport modes. Taxistop develops concrete innovative solutions and creates public and political awareness.

Autodelen.net, the Flemish Carsharing Network. Autodelen.net is committed to a sustainable society in which car use becomes more important than car ownership, in which everyone is mobile and in which anyone who needs a car, can use one.

Autodelen.net and Taxistop organise the international symposium on shared mobility ‘Shared Mobility Rocks‘. They launched the concept of mobihubs in Belgium in 2017 and founded Mobipunt vzw together with Infopunt Publieke Ruimte. Mobipunt vzw strives for a high-quality network of mobihubs in Flanders and works together with Taxistop asbl for the rollout of mobihubs in Brussels and Wallonia.

How can I participate?

Students participate as a team (max. 5). They can participate as part of their curriculum (e.g. as an assignment within a course) or independently of their curriculum. The Mobihub Student Challenge ends in December 2020, so it only applies for (courses in) the first semester. Taxistop can give a presentation about the Mobihub Student Challenge at the beginning of the semester and give feedback during the semester. 

The teams submit their proposals at the latest on December 1. This proposal depends on the field of study. It can be an abstract of a paper, a video, a poster, a prototype, a scale model, a creative slideshow… The students are free to choose what they submit, but we encourage them to be creative and add some rock ’n roll! The proposal and the possible presentation during the final must be in English.

The finalists (6-8 teams) will be announced on December 4. The final takes place on December 8 in the form of an online event. The finalists will be offered a virtual stage to present their findings and an international jury will choose the winners!

Who can I contact for more information?

You can send an email to arne.stoffels@taxistop.be

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