“The Future of Mobility and the Urban Form”

MAX SCHWITALLA (Berlin, Germany) studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and at the ETH Zurich. He received his diploma in Architecture from the ETH Zurich in 2006. Prior to Studio Schwitalla, he was working with Rem Koolhaas/OMA, Rotterdam/New York, Graft, Berlin/Los Angeles and HENN, Berlin. He has been a regular studio/seminar instructor or guest critic at the AA London, Rio Academy, TU Berlin, UdK Berlin, ETH Zurich, TU Dresden and the Aedes Network Campus Berlin.

With 21st century mobility reaching its spatial and ecological limits in the CAR CITY and the ELEVATOR CITY, we have to revisit the relation of mobility and the immobile urban space on a systematic scale. We want to re-negotiate the relationship between mobility and immobility on the three levels: product, infrastructure, and use. As the 20th century has been the era of urbanization, mobility and digitalization, the 21th century is about the symbiotic fusion of these components.

As one part of the presentation, the “Flywheel” concept illustrates a just-in-time system that increases the utilization rate of urban vehicles and infrastructure and allows for an individualization of use. Such a system will transform the static station-based concept of public transport into a dynamic individual traffic landscape and free valuable urban space for alternative uses. It will work on an urban scale and connect the different neighborhoods throughout the city. We want to discuss sustainable and transformable neighborhood environments centered on human needs.

Various new neighborhood designs based on new mobility technologies (for example the E-Bike) will be presented with images and movies to inspire and stimulate a discussion about future urban developments.

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