SESSION Shared Mobility Dreams
PRESENTATION “A climate proof mobility: active, shared and electric”

JOERI THIJS (Ghent, Belgium) works for Greenpeace since 2003. He is spokesperson for the organisation, and also expert on climate and mobility. Greenpeace is an important voice in the climate debate, and in its role as a watchdog the organisation does not avoid confrontation. They also actively propose solutions by publishing scientifically substantiated alternative pathways for a transport, energy or agricultural sector in line with the climate challenge.

The climate emergency and health impacts of air pollution are both big concerns to many citizens. Our current mobility model is one of the key contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and toxic pollutants. Joeri will give a presentation about his dream to shift to a new and shared mobility that will help us tackle the climate emergency and significantly increase the quality of life in cities and beyond.

Favourite rock song? Testify – Rage Against The Machine