SESSIONS “Shared Mobility Connected with other transport modes” and outro presentations

PRESENTATIONS Moderation of session “Shared Mobility Connected with other transport modes” and joint surprising outro presentation with Rebecca Karbaumer and Ananda Groag: Shareway to Heaven

Caroline Cerfontaine (Brussels, Belgium) is Senior Manager and Unit leader for Mobility Governance and manages the Combined Mobility Committee at the UITP, the International Association of Public Transport. Since 2006 she follows combined mobility meaning synergies between public transport and shared mobility services with the aim of providing better mobility options for citizens and a real alternative to the private car. One of her topics today is the introduction of fleets of shared automated vehicles in an integrated urban mobility system. Caroline is a mom of 2, cyclist and PT enthusiast and enjoys traveling, music, movies and books. Caroline will moderate the session about shared mobility connected with other transport modes. During the outro session, she will surprise you with the other leading shared mobility women Rebecca Karbaumer and Ananda Groag. They will give a joint presentation “Shareway to heaven”.

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